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Aluminum & FRP Fan

Our cooling towers are fitted with FRP Axial Flow Fans with Aerodynamic efficiency and significant saving in higher operating cost.

Fan for Timber Cooling Tower

Fan Blades are made up of fibre glass reinforced epoxy resins. These blades are hollow in construction and have been designed with most efficient aero foil section.

Fan Blades with Hub

Optimum aero foil section thickness has been selected to achieve maximum lift and minimum drag coefficient. Twist is so designed that blade section are maintained at most efficient angle of attack having the highest lift drag ratio. Light and strong blades increase the life of mechanical drive arrangement.

FRP Fan Blades with Hub

The structure of the cooling tower will be made from the best grade of pinewood pressure impregnated by chromate copper arsenate to prevent it from any bacterial is bolted and designed for 30pounds/sq. feet. Wind load efficiency.

FRP Fan Blades

Fan hub assembly is simply designed for easy installation and minimum maintenance. It is dynamically balanced and made of stainless steel plates, aluminum clamp blocks, cast iron bush and all hardware in stainless steel for resistance against corrosion.

Aluminum Fan Blades

Fan Hub assemblies are dynamically balanced on Dynamic Balancing Machines and total Fan Blade assemblies are balanced on specially designed rig for vibration free continuous operation.

Aluminum Hub

Fans are directly driven by electric motors in small models and coupled through gearbox in larger models subject to the tip speed of the fan.