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Drift Eliminator(WP-100)

Drift Eliminator (WP-100): Drift Eliminators, made out of UV resistant rigid PVC, are designed to remove entrained particles from air stream efficiently, with minimum pressure drop, thereby reducing the fan power requirement when the air passes through the Drift Eliminator. Water droplets are separated from the air drift at the three direction change points on the drift eliminator. WETPOINT Drift Eliminators remove more than 90% of the droplets larger than 65 microns.

For Cross flow tower applications, the almost vertical water conduits provided by the WP-100 drift eliminator remove the water droplets out of the drift eliminator area and return them back into the tower and does not allow any re-entry. The special locking pin arrangement for WP-100 facilitates quick and simple assembly at site.

Drift Eliminator(DrifEl146)


Suggested Cooling Tower Application : Cross flow
Type Of Structure : C-shaped profiles
Maximum Face Velocity (m/sec) : 4.0
Module Length : 600-3000mm
Module Width : 1200mm or as required
Module Depth : 100mm
Distance Between Profiles : 35
Directional changes for air flow : 3
Maximum Continuous Temperature (deg Celsius) : 55

Double Wall Drift Eliminator (DrifEl146): Double wall Construction is a “State of Art” Drift Eliminator to give Best Efficiency and Performance, are made of specially formulated UV stabilized rigid PVC having superior physical properties. They are designed to remove entrained particles from exhaust air stream efficiently, with minimum pressure drop, thereby reducing the fan energy requirement when the air passes through the Drift Eliminator.

The Double Wall Drift Eliminator provides dimensional stability and Durability, with rugged design & structural integrity for long service usage. They are superior in practically removing cooling tower drift in an energy efficient way. They can be pressure washed, if necessary, without any damage.

They can be easily assembled at site allowing span up to 1830 mm. No gluing is required. No special tools or skilled labour is required. These drift droplets carried in the air stream, when forced to make the three changes in direction in each blade, create centrifugal forces on the drift droplets, forcing them to be captured by impaction and direct interception. Sinusoidal passage forms are widely acknowledge as the most effective design. The flow of carryover water droplets is interrupted as a result of each direction change in these zones. These water droplets are captured on the sidewalls of DrifEl146, they form a film of water that come down the wall via gravity to the drainage channels. This reduces the opportunity for reintrainment. No voids or discontinuities exist in the eliminator section.

Double Wall drift eliminators have found wide acceptance in the industry and can give a drift loss of less than 0.001% of the circulating water rate, for all droplets larger than 65 microns.


Material : Rigid PVC
Type Of Structure : Double wall
Maximum Face Velocity : 4.5 m/sec
Module Length : Up to 3500mm
Module Width : Can be fabricated as per design at site
Module Depth : 146mm