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PVC Fills

For FRP Cooling Towers: The fill is of rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and is of honeycomb design with very large contact surface area. The fill splits the air and water into several streams, increasing the time of contact and also heat transfer between water and air. The fill is in modules and is packed in the tower casing without ant cutting for curves. The air pressure drop through the fill is negligible. The fills are available with flute height of 12mm and 19mm with sheet thickness of 0.15 mm and 0.20 mm .

Splash Bars

For Timber Cooling Towers: Our cooling towers are fitted with “Foster Wheelers” stack type fill arrangement, comprising of splash bars fixed with transverse stringers making the fills into removable trays. This arrangement makes an excess to wet surface area and eliminates any chances of fill collapse. The splash bars and trays are made from As-Cu treated pinewood and are rectangular in cross-section.

Splash Bars